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There are no strange rituals......  just ordinary people engaged in work with your community

During the the Corona Virus emergency Bedworth lions Club is supporting community organisations deliver aid packages to individuals
Unfortunately the club does not operate this service itself, but if groups offering this service apply to us we will consider your application as a matter of urgency.

Bedworth Lions Club renders assistance to countless individuals who have problems in their lives. This of course is done whilst usually maintaining a high level of confidentiality, maybe that is why you don't hear of Lions Clubs.

Charities & community groups may also apply to Bedworth Lions Club for assistance with projects for their organisation.
There are of course terms and conditions, the primary consideration is that they are in the Bedworth & Bulkington area, although there are certain exceptions.

Bedworth lions Club is here to help, as with all clubs, where there is a need there is a Lion.

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