Bedworth Lions Club - Charter Day


This event has been postponed

?? th ??2015
Starts at 1.00PM
Closes at 5.00 PM

At The Mayor's Cafe
Miners Welfare Park (Ryepiece entrance) Bedworth CV12 8JT

In the presence of The Mayor & Mayoress of Nuneaton & Bedworth.

Its different at Bedworth This Year

A Lions Club Charter event is normally held in an evening, with dinner jackets bow ties, speeches & presentations.
This year we have broken with tradition, it is in the day, and it is for you.

It is held at the Mayors Cafe, a community resource, we intend to include as many people as possible in this celebration of the Lions Charter, and answer your questions about Lions Clubs.
The event not yet set in stone so there will be amendments to this page & our intent for the day.

To Be arranged

 Been there, seen it, purchased the T shirt.......but I still can't get in without the tie, tuxedo, trousers &  ticket.
Smart clothing, not like this Lion, please!      No riff - raff       Ticket price - Maybe free?          

Roary asks..........
    Who's for lunch?

For Non - lions ~~ Charter Night is the equivalent of the club's birthday; that is when the club received it's Charter.             
The actual date the club was Chartered is the 18th day of July 1977

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