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Saturday 14th December - Starting at 5.00PM

Meeting by - Newdigate Stores, Oakley Court, Bedworth Heath

Meeting at Newdigate Stores and Golden House, Oakley Court.
Smercote Close, Keenan Drive, Newcomen Rd, Humphrey Davey Rd, Newey Avenue, Mavor Drive, Howells Close, Dowty Avenue, Breach Brook view, Mavor Drive, Blair Drive, Doulton Court, Anderton Road, Smercote Close
Ending in Oakley Court.

Please note this is the first time for many years this route has been used,
please forgive Santa any minor alterations to the route, just listen for the music & come out & enjoy.

The sleigh may not enter Closes & Cul - De -Sacs.

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