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O K so you selected MAYBE. That's fine, many people are not sure about Lions and what this is all about. Many years ago I wanted to be a Lion, it then took about 20 years before speaking to a Lion about membership. I was told just like every one else membership is by invitation; but that was the invitation. I attended meetings for 4 months, also some of the social functions in between. The finer points of how the club worked were explained during that time, and I was accepted into the club. I have been a Lion for over 12 years, having been a club director, Bedworth Lions Club President, Tail -Twister & now for my sins club P.R. Officer & Web Master. If you are still not sure there is no pressure, just read on or contact us to talk further about the work of Bedworth Lions Club.

Lions are people devoted to helping others whilst enjoying fun & fellowship within their club.
Lions Clubs International is the largest voluntary organisation with over 1.4 million members world wide.
Lions Clubs are usually local to the community which they serve, attracting members from that community; some larger towns & cities have several Lions Clubs within them, each serving their own local community. Bedworth has one Lions Club with 15 members, serving Bedworth, Bulkington and surrounding environs.

Lions Clubs International motto is "WE   SERVE".
Bedworth Lions Club provides service in the following ways:-
Providing help to less fortunate people in the community.
Providing assistance to the disabled & disadvantaged.
Assisting local families & individuals in distress.
Providing financial support to local charities.
Sponsoring international aid programmes.
Helping to enhance the environment
Undertaking fundraising activities.
Having fun.

We need additional people with the commitment to become Lions & help with our work.

Lions clubs are elitist and have have strange rituals.
To be a Lion you have to be :-

A businessman, a millionaire, on the council, posh, teetotal, over 65, a high court judge;
       of course not, they are some of the very silly myths about Lions, we just need people willing to help.

To be a Lion you have to be:-
There is a commitment to attend meetings & a membership fee. There is an emphasis on having fun, Bedworth Lions Club monthly meetings are far from stuffy & serious, despite having a serious purpose.
Lions by and large are not do - gooders but good - doers.  Hands-on practical people.

New members are accepted by invitation.
In order to invite you to become a member we need to know who you are.
To find out more about becoming a Lion contact us on 03458339541
E-mail:- Bedworth Lions Club

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