Nuneaton & Bedworth Lions Club's Charters Night 2012 - Thanks

Charters night 2102 was at the Oakridge (Who confused it with Oakbrook?) Golf Club Ansley.
A joint charters night for Nuneaton Lions &Bedworth Lions Clubs.

It is charters night as each club has its own charter, all the plurals & apostrophes for possession English Eh!

Lions club bannerettes collected by both clubs commemorating visits to and by other Lions clubs in this country & internationally.
Lion President Peter welcoming all on behalf of Nuneaton Lions Club - oops! shouldn't have included the Rotary joke!
Lion President Martin making his speech on behalf Lions Club - - not more Rotary Mickey taking?
The Deputy Mayor Councilor John Haynes - as he is a Rotarian he was made to sing for his supper.
Lion District Governor Lion Neil Chisholm explaining his SMILE programme. His timed speech delivered in just 8 minutes

Lynda Burton receiving the Bedworth Lions Club Citizen of The Year Trophy from Lion President Martin.
Lynda was nominated for all her magnificent work with The Old Meeting House & The Bedworth Society.
Lion Steve checking on the missing clock, it was the bell that went missing last year now the clock - you can't trust these Lions.

Lion District Governor Neil & Beryl dancing the night away to the wonderful music of Paul Douglas.
Thank you to all who with the 2012 Charter Night.

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